About Us

The company was founded in 1980 by Ted Wade, as Tropical Software Services. After many successful years, the company was reincorporated as a division of Sterling Star Corporation in 1991. Ted Wade is a respected professional with over 45 years of computer systems experience. Mr. Wade was a leader on the original team that created some of the first Medicare applications.

Now headquartered in Saint Petersburg Florida, the company was founded (over 25 years ago) on specific principals, "deliver quality software and service to all clients and be an innovative leader of software and computer technologies". These founding principals are still the mantra of our staff.

Sterling Star has clients nationwide, and is in position to open global markets with deals currently in the works in other countries. But even as we grow, we hold fast to the founding principals that have made us successful.

The Management and technical leads of Sterling Star Corporation have more than 90 years of combined in-depth Information Systems and Healthcare Systems experience and knowledge. We are committed to providing quality and cost effective software business solutions to our clients.

The leading product of Sterling Star Corporation is Star*Pro, the most advanced user friendly system available on the market.  Star*Pro was the first windows based system developed and today is the ONLY system available with complete database independent technology.  Star*Pro works for you in the way you want it to.


Our Sales Office at 727-549-1778